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"When I woke up in the morning, my mother was covered with snow, and I didn't even die in the sn "Well, the cabinet will be responsible for this." The reason why he made this choice at this time is very simple, but he intends to try one of his pre Therefore, Liu De kept silent and quietly returned with a smile. On the side of the Dragon killing alliance, Su Lao was calm and did not move, Xu Yinglong looks at Tianxuan and smiles faintly. For a moment, everyone on the scene laughs. The sc In the battle of heaven, Qin lie resisted Wen bin of the second tier soul altar with eight divine co Xiao Xin in the back of the hand to Hu Hao. "I'm not a fool like Zhou Yi. Is it hard to think of this?" "Ha ha, you have such a good mentality. Today, how many students and parents are not calm in their h However, she even called the human in front of her as the master. How could she not be shocked? In h On the screen of light, there are many pictures of quasi saints and saints. "It's so hard for such a living man to come in and let him escape. Hateful! Hateful!" Chu Huan recalled the scene at that time. When the man's eyes fell on his body, he looked at it He's here to destroy the dark world. Jun Taoist priest rushed to the front and said, "Father God, more is better than less..." Zhen Mi secretly falls in love with Liu Ze, but Liu Zexin refuses her and marries the woman she love After Tang Yu came to the vicinity of the magic refining City, what they saw most was the countless

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