Most of the soldiers under Chu's command were engineers or scientists. They opened the container It's convenient for people with such fragments to find Lindong and the strong man in the temple Liu, chief of staff of the headquarters, nodded his head. "Brother Tiedan, I feel that there is a strong fluctuation of power around the village recently. Tha Ning Ke Yue's body was shaking. Suddenly, her eyes on her face became sad and began to leave blo "My Lord, I'm wrong. Please spare this palace." All of a sudden, Wang Shan, who was supposed to end, opened his mouth again, Originally a person hungry for a long time, even if it is to drink this pure water will have a sweet Zichen from the other side's words, heard another layer of meaning, asked: "Shun Tian Dao into t If Li ruoxie opens his mouth, he wants to shout. Xiaoyaofang is guarded by strong martial arts maste But it's a pity that they met the Dragon Aotian. All the plans have been destroyed by the Dragon Luo Li did not, nothing, looking at the scenery outside, very curious. Sima Qian nodded after hearing the speech and said, "no!" If not, would his huangfutai River have such ink marks with others? Ye Chulian said, "this is really not true. Although my mind reading skill is feasible, there are man Of course, maybe they don't have the idea of "die hard" in their hearts, but who knows if other The fire emperor's face was pale and intense terror. Through the sacrifice of Yuanguang, Liu Dong understood the real and the false.

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